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System Mechanic Pro + Crack

System Mechanic Pro adalah aplikasi Tune UP Windows. Tune UP yang di maksud adalah untuk mengoptimalkan kinerja Windows. Yaitu dengan cara membersihkan file sementara ( cache ), registry Windows yang tidak perlu ( Kebanyakan registry di Windows, maka membatasi performa Windows ), dan masih banyak lagi.

Intinya setiap penggunaan Windows yang berkepanjangan. Akan banyak sampah di dalamnya. Dan itu semua tidak langsung terhapus oleh Windows. Anda harus melakukannya secara rutin. Untuk menghapus sampah yang menumpuk. Maka dari itu, admin membagikan aplikasi System Mechanic Pro ini.

Fitur-fitur System Mechanic Pro :


Much Faster System Scans

In new version 16, dozens of tools and features are now deployed simultaneously to inspect your whole system at once. For example, now System Mechanic searches for trapped memory while also locating junk internet files. This means the scan and repair functions are now many times faster than any release to date.


Redesigned Toolset

What’s more, iolo engineers have redesigned, consolidated and simplified the major flagship tools so getting the best performance out of your operating system is easier than ever.


The most intelligent toolset ever designed searches in more places to root out more types of problems. Beyond this advanced error detection, System Mechanic also adjusts dozens of hidden Windows settings, freeing memory, processor and bandwidth to unleash even more system speed.


More Frequent Updates

The new iolo Smart Updater delivers nearly instantaneous updates to ensure you receive the most recent version automatically and seamlessly. Individual components and features can now be updated without a re-release of the entire System Mechanic product. This allows for more frequent product enhancements based upon user feedback.


Next-gen TUDs

The next generation of Tune-up Definitions is now capable of continuous, real-time updates that find many effective new optimizations for today’s modern apps. The result is the elimination of many more types of slowdown, especially in Windows 10.


Startup Optimizer features these next-gen Tune-up Definitions that can help to significantly speed up boot time by discovering whole new categories of unneeded startup items while providing more user control over dangerous and unnecessary ones.


Accommodates 4k Displays

With sleek, easy-to-read vector graphics, System Mechanic has been optimized for today’s larger 4k displays. And it leaves the smallest footprint of any version yet, using on average less than 0.5% of processor resources when open and idling, based on the average CPU load after repeated iolo Labs testing on Windows 10 machines.


System Mechanic 16 is specifically designed to fully leverage today’s multicore processors to restore power, stability and speed to Windows computers as quickly and efficiently as possible. As always, the patented technology automatically goes to work whenever your PC is idle, making System Mechanic 16 not just the best but the easiest solution to help you download music, stream movies, surf, shop, work and play online securely, smoothly and faster than ever before.


About System Mechanic

System Mechanic® is the only performance solution that first deploys a series of complex automated maintenance actions to help keep your PC stable and clutter-free, and then goes to work using proprietary technology to precision-tune dozens of Internet, processor, memory, and hard drive settings in real time for maximum system speed and performance.


System Mechanic operates whenever your PC is idle, removing junk files, registry fragments, and other unwanted clutter that confuses and slows down Windows. A group of real-time features next scales back unimportant, processor-hogging apps, unlocks trapped RAM and idle processor cores for programs when they need it, and improves a whole cache of under-performing network settings for the smoothest streaming, gaming, or browsing available with your broadband connection.


System Mechanic has been used by more than 45 million people to keep over 80 million computers in optimal condition since 1998. It is consistently ranked as the best-selling software in its category within the U.S., Canada, UK, France, and Benelux countries by NPD and similar sources. System Mechanic is the five-time winner of the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for best PC optimization solution.




System Mechanic 16 is automatically


available at no charge to all users with an active iolo service plan, which provides all product updates and upgrades, as well as continuous Tune-up Definitions updates. New or lapsed-plan subscribers can purchase System Mechanic 16 directly from, via all major web e-tailers, or in one of more than 23,000 retail storefronts that carry iolo’s products worldwide, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Staples.


About iolo technologies

iolo technologies, LLC, develops patented technology and award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects Windows computers, going beyond PC health to unleash speed from components and settings deep within the operating system. With a global sales presence in 33 countries and products in 11 languages, tens of millions of people have used iolo’s products for their PC optimization, security, and data recovery needs for nearly two decades.

Download via Driveku


Cara install System Mechanic Pro :


  • Ekstrak menggunakan WinRAR terbaru
  • Install seperti biasa SystemMechanic_PRO.exe
  • Setelah install selesai, tutup aplikasinya terlebih dahulu
  • Masuk ke folder “[ ]Crack”
  • Copy file “ioloController.dll” ke folder installasinya.
  • Biasanya di “C:\Program Files (x86) atau Program Files\( nama aplikasi installasinya )
  • Anda timpa filenya atau replace
  • Selamat!


Semoga bermanfaat :)

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